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Riparian Buffers

Riparian Buffers are planted areas along rivers, streams, ponds and other water features that filter rainwater, floodwater and other runoff, increase infiltration and help prevent erosion. Sometimes a riparian buffer is a simple as leaving an unmowed strip of land along the water feature.

The photographs here are from Silver Lake Park on the St. Jones River. Because this is a heavily used park in a residential neighborhood in downtown Dover, the city and state wanted a more designed look. Additional phases of this riparian buffer are underway, and buffers are also being designed for parks in Wyoming and Milton.


The last two photographs are from the pond at the Delaware Agricultural Museum. Planted in May 2010, by that September, the plantings were already attracting loads of butterflies. Contact us


Additional images

Silver Lake Park right after planting in Spring 2009

After planting

Silver Lake Park in fall 2009. The orange tree is a Red

Maple, the red shrubs are Virginia Sweetspire



The Virginia Sweetspire i bloom in June 2011




A buffer around the pond at the Delaware Agricultural

Museum, planted in May 2010. This photo was taken in

September 2010

These Buckeye Butterflies were swarming all over the Joe

Pye Weed we planted next to the pond at the Agricultural