Aiming downspouts into planting beds takes advantage of rainwater.

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How to reduce watering in your yard

In addition to saving on your water bill and spending less time with yard chores, conserving water is good for the environment. Try some of these suggestions:

  • Select plants appropriate to existing moisture conditions
  • Select drought tolerant plants
  • Amend planting beds with lots of organic matter to hold extra moisture in the soil
  • Cover bare dirt with mulch or groundcover plants to shade the soil from the hot sun and slow down moisture loss from the soil
  • Locate plants that need extra water together, near a faucet, gutter or low spot
  • Aim gutters and downspouts towards planting beds and away from paved surfaces
  • Avoid planting, transplanting & laying sod during June, July and August
  • Let your lawn go dormant during drought periods
  • Remove plants that need constant watering
  • Install a drip irrigation system in your vegetable garden

***Note: All newly planted or transplanted plants need to be watered until they are established


Additional images

Drought tolerant plants like this Purple Coneflower don't

need to be watered once established

This would be a good place to locate plants that want extra