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Things to consider when choosing a Landscape Designer

  1. Can he/she show proof of being a Registered Landscape Architect or Certified Landscape Designer?
  2. Did he/she show you examples of his/her work and do you like them?
  3. How long has he/she been gardening & can you visit his/her garden?
  4. Did he/she ask about your functional needs for the space, specific problems, and maintenance and aesthetic preferences, AND listen carefully to your answers?
  5. Will he/she be available and happy to answer your questions during and after installation?
  6. Does he/she and all employees regularly attend continuing education courses?
  7. Does this person seem knowledgeable?
  8. What will you get for your money and is it what you need and want?
  9. What is this company’s primary business (design services, landscape installation, maintenance, plant sales, other)?
  10. Will you be comfortable working with this person?