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Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your energy use

  • Replace your power tools with hand tools
  • Reduce the size of your lawn to reduce mowing, blowing and raking
  • Use deciduous trees to shade your house, HVAC units and driveway from summer sun
  • Install a green roof
  • Grow your own fruits and veggies
  • Plant a wind block
  • Turn off outdoor lights when not needed or put them on a timer
  • Buy locally grown plants
  • Rake leaves into landscape beds instead of buying mulch
  • Use recycled materials whenever practical (such as bricks for edging)



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Reducing the size of your lawn reduces mowing, water

and chemical use, and removes Japanese Beetle grub


Deciduous trees provide shade on your house, driveway,

and HVAC units in the summer, making your home easier

to keep cool. They also increase your property's value.