Fallen leaves are a natural free mulch

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How to reduce weeds and weeding

  • Use ground covers & perennials, planted close together, to crowd out weeds in beds.
  • Don't leave bare dirt -mulch between plants until groundcovers fill in.
  • Plant annuals like Sweet Alyssum between new plants the first year.
  • Select plants less prone to prolific seeding.
  • Try pre-emergent herbicides in mulched areas.
  • Use only aged compost in beds.
  • Remove weeds immediately, while still small. Never allow weeds to go to seed.
  • Get a good weeding knife and shovel (for woody intruders). Removing the root is always the most efficient method of weed removal.
  • Use weed fabric ONLY under gravel and dry-laid paving (it also inhibits your shrubs and groundcovers).
  • When starting a new planting bed where weeds are a big problem, solarize the beds before you put new plants into the ground.
  • Use herbicides only as a last resort, follow directions carefully, and reapply according to the directions. An occasional squirt with a weed killer can lead to chemically-resistant weeds.



Additional images

Planting groundcovers under the shrubs prevent weeds

from moving in. I haven't had to weed this bed in years.


Don't let your weeds get this big! These could have been

easily pulled or hoed when they were small, now a shovel

or pitchfork and a lot more effort are needed