Lorene Athey has over twenty years of experience as a planner in Delaware at the state, county, and municipal levels. She has a proven record of successfully communicating and working with federal, state and local government staff, elected officials, consultants, and members of the public throughout Delaware.


Professional Licensure and Certification

  • Lorene J. Athey is a Registered Landscape Architect in Delaware
  • Guided Path is a Delaware Certified Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE)
  • Guided Path is a DelDOT Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)



  • Comprehensive planning & visioning
  • Landscape architectural design services
  • Review & make recommendations: development & project plans, municipal codes, guidelines & standards
  • Research best practices
  • Write and edit reports
  • Develop and deliver training presentations
  • Facilitate meetings and events
  • Manage and organize programs and events

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Projects and Experience

She has written county and municipal comprehensive plans; authored several best-practices papers related to land use, community design and transportation; facilitated groups of stakeholders; developed policies, standards and regulations; reviewed development plans; and served as a staff liaison to various land use and transportation working groups. She designed the Saint Jones River Riparian Buffer in Dover's Silver Lake Park, several Rain Gardens for Delaware's Rain Gardens for the Bays, native landscapes for several DNREC facilities and parks, and has designed several hundred residential projects including landscape plans, master and site plans.


Comprehensive planning and visioning

  • Researched, wrote and edited the 2015 City of Lewes Comprehensive Development Plan and the City of Lewes Comprehensive Plan (2005) which included reviewing and analyzing 14 previous planning studies.
  • Contributed to the comprehensive plan for the Town of Elsmere and guided a group of students writing the comprehensive plan for Frederica.
  • Wrote the Town of Dagsboro Comprehensive Plan (2003).
  • Primary author of the Town of Townsend Comprehensive Plan, (2002).
  • Authored the Executive Summary, Historic Development Patterns and Transportation chapters as well as Community Design section of the Growth Management chapter of the 1997 New Castle County Comprehensive Development Plan, (1997).


Landscape Architectural Design Services

  • Designed rain gardens for the Delaware Agricultural Museum in Dover, which won a 2011 Governor's Urban Conservation Award. Other projects include rain gardens at the University of Delaware College of Marine Sciences in Lewes, Blackbird State Forest, Trapp Pond, and the St. Jones Reserve, as well as native landscaping at several DNREC buildings, Wyoming Park and Milton Park.
  • Designed the Concept Plan and Phase 1 Planting plan for Silver Lake Park in Dover Delaware, based on public input. The primary goal of the design is to create a riparian buffer along the Saint Jones River, however, due to the high visibility of this project, being a well used urban park and passing directly in front of the state capital building, it was important that the buffer be more 'designed' to be aesthetically pleasing. The project included an inventory of existing plants and a Maintenance Manual. This was a joint project of DNREC, the City of Dover and the Silver Lake Commission.
  • Designed the Concept Plan and Planting Plan for Salem Woods Park in New Castle County. Additional services included grading, details and specifications.
  • Developed a list of plants suitable for use in highway right-of ways as well as guidelines for planting design in the right-of way for the Delaware Department of Transportation.


Review and make recommendations: development & project plans, municipal Codes, guidelines & standards

  • Reviewed development plans for community character, walkability, and environmental issues as an appointed member of the New Castle County Resource Protection Area Technical Advisory Committee, and the Design Committee of the Downtown Newark Partnership.
  • Reviewed transportation projects for context sensitive design issues, pedestrian safety and access, traffic calming, and aesthetic opportunities as a state employee. Reviewed subdivision and site plans for pedestrian safety and access, site circulation, traffic calming, and parking configurations as a county employee.
  • Revised and edited the Design Guidelines for Downtown Newark as a member of the Design Guidelines Subcommittee of the Downtown Newark Partnership. These voluntary guidelines facilitate the peaceful co-existence of a mix of residential and non-residential land uses within the downtown district. Emphasis is on enhancing pedestrian friendly characteristics and preserving historic and community character. Topics addressed include building scale, massing, articulation and materials.


Research Best Practices

  • Researched nation-wide best practices relating to the safety, security and maintenance of sidewalks and off-road trails. Project included interviews with cutting-edge practitioners around the country. Wrote the summary paper Sidewalks and Shared-use Paths: Safety, Security and Maintenance Best Practices, and delivered numerous presentations to state, county and municipal employees in Delaware.
  • Researched best practices related to walkable communities and mobility friendly design. Wrote Mobility Friendly Design Standards: A Framework for Delaware and the unpublished follow-up Walkable Communities. Gave numerous presentations and training workshops. Developed specific recommendations and wrote legislation.
  • Researched transit-oriented design (TOD) characteristics and implementation best practices. Co-authored Transit-Oriented Design Illustrations of TOD Characteristics A Working Paper.


Write and edit reports

  • Conducted interviews, researched and co-wrote the report Making the Connection Final Report for the Surface Transportation Policy Project and Nemours Health & Prevention Services. This report helps NHPS target their policy and activities to combat childhood obesity through land use and transportation policy.
  • Researched and authored numerous papers and presented recommendations related to transportation and land use issues. Papers and presentations include: Sidewalks and Shared-use paths: Safety, Security and Maintenance; Walkable Communities; and Mobility Friendly Design Standards.
  • Additional planning papers and publications are listed below.


Develop and deliver presentations

  • Developed and conducted several training modules for the Municipal Training Program of the University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration, including Planning 104, Better Models for Development with Constance Holland, Planning Director, Office of State Planning Coordination, and Planning 105/205 Walkable Communities, Preserving Community Character while Improving Transportation Choices with Linda Raab. Attendees include staff and elected officials from Delaware and Maryland municipalities.
  • Additional planning presentations are listed below.


Facilitate meetings and events

  • Facilitated the Vision for Main Street for the City of Newark as a member of the Downtown Newark Partnership Design Committee.
  • Facilitated a committee made up of community and agency leaders (including the Committee of 100, Home Builders Association, American Society of Consulting Engineers, Delaware Institute for Planning & Design, WILMAPCO and others), to discuss issues related to transportation and land use in New Castle County and Delaware. Specific topics of discussion and research included mixed uses, Transit-Oriented Design (TOD), and walkable communities.
  • Co-facilitated the Community Character Committee for New Castle County consisting of community and agency leaders, as well as members of the public and representatives of various developer and professional organizations throughout New Castle County. Gathered and presented information to the committee on specific topics including mixed uses, density, interconnectivity, TOD, infill and redevelopment. Developed topical surveys to encourage public feedback and wrote a summary paper of recommendations, which were incorporated into the 2007 New Castle County Comprehensive Development Plan Update.


Manage and organize programs and events

  • Manage the City of Wilmington's sidewalk repair program.
  • Recruited and chaired (for 3 years) a committee of 16 volunteers to organize a luncheon for 300 participants honoring 11th grade women who excel in math and science. Recruited exhibitors, speakers and role models, organized volunteers and served as primary contact with the venue staff.
  • Organized, researched and arranged speakers for a WILMAPCO Our Town on the topic of Innovative Transportation Financing.
  • Organized and facilitated two bus trips for community, civic, and agency leaders to view first-hand both successful and unsuccessful examples of transit-oriented development (TOD) and traditional neighborhood design (TND). Developed written surveys to gauge attitudes, issues and impressions, and facilitated discussion.


Selected Planning Presentations

  • Walkable Communities: Preserving Community Character while improving transportation choices, with Linda Raab and William DeCoursey, Dover, Delaware, May 2008 (also 2007 and 2006).
  • Developing Maintenance Plans for Sidewalks and Shared-Use Paths, University of Delaware, February 2008.
  • Sidewalks and Shared-Use Paths: Safety, Security and Maintenance Best Practices, with Drew Knab, University of Delaware, March 2007.
  • Sprawl: The American Dream?, Newark Branch of the American Association of University Women, Newark, Delaware, November 2005.
  • Mobility Friendly Design Standards: Recommendations for Delaware, Mobility Friendly Design Standards Summit 2, Newark, Delaware, April 2005.
  • Better Development Through Mobility Friendly Community Design, with Ed O'Donnell to the Delaware Institute for Planning & Design, Wilmington, Delaware, November 2004.
  • Changing Landscapes: Creating the American Dream, MD/DE APA Regional Conference, Cumberland, Maryland, October 2003.
  • Safescaping, DelDOT Management Team, Dover, Delaware, May 2001.


Selected planning papers and publications

  • Making the Connection Final Report, Co-author with Anne P. Canby, Surface Transportation Policy Project, 2009.
  • Sidewalks and Shared-Use Paths: Improving Mobility and Designing Transit-Ready Communities Summary Report, Primary author, University of Delaware, 2008.
  • Sidewalks and Shared-Use Paths: Safety, Security, and Maintenance, Summary Report, Co-author with Drew Knab, University of Delaware, 2007.
  • Walkable Communities, Unpublished Paper, University of Delaware, 2006.
  • Mobility Friendly Design Standards: A Framework for Delaware, Primary author, University of Delaware, 2004.
  • Transit Oriented Development Considerations for Willistown Township, Gaadt Perspectives, January 2003.
  • Livable Delaware Implementation Plan, Editor and primary author, Delaware Department of Transportation, 2001.




  • Landscape Architectural Design
    • Site Analysis
    • Planting Plans
    • Space/Concept Planning
    • Plant Identification & Inventories
    • Maintenance Manuals
  • Comprehensive Planning
    • Visioning
    • Comprehensive Plans
    • Plan Updates
    • Implementation Plans