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"We always used to keep the vertical blinds on our patio door closed. Now we always keep them open!" Bill B.


Your yard can be beautiful all year, low maintenance, AND affordable. Get expert advice from a skilled designer and gardener. Guided Path was established in 2002 by Lorene Athey, a registered Landscape Architect in Delaware and Maryland. We provide gardening and horticultural advice, and design custom residential gardens that solve your yard problems.

We can be your garden coach, problem solver, plant advisor and personal plant shopper. How much help do you need?

For those who need a lot of help, landscape design is our specialty including:

  • habitat, bird and butterfly gardens
  • rain gardens
  • eco-friendly and sustainable gardens
  • low-maintenance gardens
  • meditation & memorial gardens
  • solutions to drainage and other problems


If you only need help with finding the right plants for your garden, we can create a list of plants customized to your aesthetic and maintenance preferences as well as garden conditions at your site. We can also be your personal plant shopper at the garden center, and work with you in your garden to find the right locations for the plants you have purchased.


Maybe you just need a little help with a specific problem or ideas and advice on dealing with a small part of your garden. With over 20 years of hands-in-the -dirt gardening experience, we also provide consultations as your personal garden coach.

Get all the information you need to do it right the first time email today!


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